Prime Minister's Fellowship for Doctoral Research

Duration: 4 Years

Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research scheme is a prestigious initiative of Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India towards the advancement of university research engagements in line with industry requirement. The scheme encourages full time PhD scholars to pursue research in “focus areas” identified by industries as well as of national priorities. There are 100 slots of fellowships available annually to researchers to pursue PhD in reputed technology and research institutions in India. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) on behalf of SERB implements the scheme.

Area of Research

Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Medicine


The applicants for the Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research Scheme should:

Selection Process & Parameter

Final selection for the award of SERB’s Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research will be done following a rigorous selection process

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The IP ownership will be mutually decided by partnering academic institution, PhD scholar and the sponsoring industry. SERB & FICCI will hold no right on IP (if any) generated out of the PhD research.

Monitoring Mechanism

Awarded scholars will undergo periodic review on progress of their research work and achievement of milestones. Scholars will showcase their work during the review meetings.

Application Process

Only online applications through program website will be accepted. Do not send any physical copy of the application and supporting documents.

Candidates may apply for the SERB’s Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research Scheme at any time of the year at www.serbficci-iirrada.in

Documents to be submitted